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Ranjan Bose

Primary Role:Collaborator

IIT Delhi


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8 Refereed Publications


1. Sandeep Kumar Singh et al., "Entropy Based Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Network", Article, IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory and Applications, October 2017, 113 downloads.

2. Sandeep Kumar Singh et al., "Joint transformation based detection of false data injection attacks in smart grid", Article, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, June 2017, 86 downloads.

3. Khyati Chopra et al., "Secure Power Trading in Cooperative Relay Network With Asymmetric Cournot Duopoly Model", InProceedings, 12th Annual Symposium On Information Assurance (ASIA’17), May 2017, 77 downloads.

4. Khyati Chopra et al., "Secrecy Outage of Cooperative Relay Network With and Without Eavesdropper's Direct Link", InProceedings, 23rd National Conference on Communications (NCC), March 2017, 80 downloads.

5. Khyati Chopra et al., "Secrecy Performance of Threshold-Based Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network", Article, IET Communications 2017, February 2017, 67 downloads.


6. Kush Khanna et al., "On Detecting False Data Injection with Limited Network Information using Statistical Techniques", InProceedings, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, Chicago, 2017, November 2016, 72 downloads.

7. Khyati Chopra et al., "Secrecy Outage Performance of Cooperative Relay Network With Diversity Combining", InProceedings, IEEE 2nd International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP’17), November 2016, 104 downloads.

8. Khyati Chopra et al., "Duopoly Models for Power Trading in Secure Cooperative Relay Networks", InProceedings, IEEE National Conference on Communications (NCC 2016), February 2016, 102 downloads.