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Rei : A Policy Specification Language

Status: Past project

Project Description:
Security is a critical problem in dynamic and open distributed environments such as those enabled by the semantic web and pervasive computing technologies. The presence of heterogeneous entities that are neither pre-determined nor permanent, and the lack of central control are some of its challenges. We believe that declarative policies address this problem while maintaining openness and flexibility. We propose the use of policies defined in OWL to constrain the behavior of entities in these environments as OWL provides the extensibility required to incorporate varied application-specific knowledge.

Rei is a policy language based in OWL-Lite that allows policies to be specified as constraints over allowable and obligated actions on resources in the environment. Rei also includes logic-like variables giving it the flexibility to specify relations like role value maps that are not directly possible in OWL. Rei includes meta policy specifications for conflict resolution, speech acts for remote policy management and policy analysis specifications like what-if analysis and use-case management making it a suitable candidate for adaptable security in the environments under consideration. The Rei engine, developed in XSB, reasons over Rei policies and domain knowledge in RDF and OWL to provide answers about the current permissions and obligations of an entity, which are used to guide the entity's behavior.

Start Date: April 2002

End Date: May 2005

Principal Investigator:
Lalana Kagal, Ph.D. Thesis

Anupam Joshi

Mohinder Chopra, Trying to incorporate REI in the Task Computing project at Fujitsu Labs.
Anjali Bharat Shah, Developing a GUI for Rei

Tags: confidentiality, owl, policy, privacy, rdf, rei, security, semantic web, speech acts, trust


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Research Areas:
 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
 Multi-Agent Systems
 Security, Trust and Privacy
 Semantic Web