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Status: Past project

Project Description:
Swoogle ( is an specialized web search engine that discovers, analyzes and indexes knowledge encoded in semantic web documents published on the Web. Swoogle reasons about these documents and their constituent parts (e.g., terms, individuals, triples) and records meaningful metadata about them. Swoogle provides webscale semantic web data access service, which helps human users and software systems to find relevant documents, terms and triples, via its search and navigation services. Swoogle also provides a customizable algorithm inspired by Google's PageRank algorithm but adapted to the semantics and use patterns found in semantic web documents. Swoogle currently has indexed nearly 1.3M Semantic Web documents which contain almost 240M triples. In addition to providing general Semantic Web search services, Swoogle has been used by several projects to maintain and manage specialized collections of RDF data.

Start Date: February 2004

End Date: May 2010

Affiliated Faculty:
Anupam Joshi

Li Ding, architect of swoogle 2.0 and 3.1.
Sandor Dornbush
Vishal C Doshi
Akshay Java
Pranam Kolari
Varish Mulwad, Worked on approaches to "parallelize" the discovery component of Swwogle - The Semantic Web Search Engine
Rong Pan
Pavan Reddivari, architect of swoogle 1.0
Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, Currently focussing on developing a parallel implementation of the discovery component of Swoogle.

Tags: semantic web, ontology, owl


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1. Swoogle presentation (April 04), Presentation.


Research Areas:
 Semantic Web



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