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1. Ebiquity student Karuna Joshi's IBM Ph.D. Fellowship renewed for 2012-13
(from Thursday, April 12, 2012).

2. Ebiquity student Karuna Joshi receives IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
(from Saturday, March 12, 2011).

3. Yun Peng receives award from NIST for supply chain research
(from Thursday, March 10, 2011).

4. Platys: From Position to Place in Next Generation Networks
(from Monday, August 31, 2009).

5. From 'Need to Know’ to ‘Need to Share’:
(from Wednesday, April 30, 2008).

6. Looking back at the ebiquity research group's 2006
(from Monday, January 01, 2007).

7. UMBC researchers investigate the Blogosphere
(from Tuesday, September 05, 2006).

8. Parr gives invited talk at ESA 2006
(from Wednesday, August 23, 2006).

9. Swoogle 2006 released
(from Wednesday, February 01, 2006).

10. SemNews: news text to Semantic Web
(from Thursday, January 12, 2006).


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1. Rapalytics! Where Rap Meets Data Science
    on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

2. Semantics for Big Data (,) Security and Privacy
    on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 from 04:00PM to Tuesday, 11/30/1999, 12:00AM.

3. PhD defense: Lushan Han, Schema Free Querying of Semantic Data
    on Friday, May 23, 2014 from 10:00AM to 01:00PM.

4. PROB: A tool for Tracking Provenance and Reproducibility of Big Data Experiments
    on Monday, February 10, 2014 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

5. Tutorials by Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research students
    on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 from 01:00PM to 05:00PM.

6. Nimbus: Scalable, Distributed, In-Memory Data Storage
    on Thursday, June 06, 2013 from 10:30AM to 03:00PM.

7. A Multilayer Framework to Catch Data Exfiltration
    on Wednesday, June 05, 2013 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.

8. Extracting cybersecurity related entities, terms and concepts from text
    on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.

9. Phd proposal: A Semantic Resolution Framework for Manufacturing Capability Data Integration
    on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.

10. MS defense: Social Media Analytics: Digital Footprints
    on Monday, May 13, 2013 from 10:30AM to Tuesday, 11/30/1999, 12:00AM.


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