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simEd: Education as a Multiagent Simulation

Speaker: Elizabeth Sklar

Start: Wednesday, December 07, 2005, 03:00PM

End: Wednesday, December 07, 2005, 04:00PM

Location: ITE 346

Abstract: We are using multiagent simulation and game theory as the basis for exploring learning environments on several different levels our simEd project incorporates "classroom,""schoolhouse" and "district" models. For example, the classroom model allows us to experiment with various aspects of student behavior and styles of teaching to show how simulated learning outcomes change when characteristics of interactions and learning environments change. This talk will describe the theoretical basis of the classroom model, present experimental simulation results and detail new work that examines peer-to-peer and group learning models and new collaborations that are linking our theoretical models to real assessment data. As well, we will discuss education at the district level and present an agent-based model of the diffusion of human capital over generations, stemming from analysis of US Census data. One of our longterm goals is to provide an environment in which to bridge the gap for education researchers, spanning from small, micro-level, controlled experiments to large, macro-level, population-based studies, using multiagent simulation as a means to interpolate between them.

Host: Marie desJardins



  1. (Photo) Elizabeth Sklar was taken at (Event) simEd: Education as a Multiagent Simulation.
  2. (Photo) Elizabeth Sklar was taken at (Event) simEd: Education as a Multiagent Simulation.