Priority Based Conflict Resolution in Multi-User Context Aware Environment


Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 10:15am - Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:30am

ITE 325 - B

Conflict management in context-aware computing is getting more significant attention from researchers as ubiquitous computing environments take into account multiple users. For multi-user ubiquitous computing environments, conflicts among user's contexts need to be detected and resolved. For this, application developers or end-users specify conflicts situations, and the underlying ubiquitous computing middleware detects and resolve conflicts between applications when one of the conflict situations arises.
In this paper, we propose Conflict manager to resolve conflicts in Context-aware applications. Conflicts arise when multiple users try to access an application. In order to resolve conflicts among users, the Conflict resolver sums up preferences of users which collide with each other and recommends specific contents depending on different criteria’s such as role of the user or the priority assigned with the user. This paper proposes various algorithms where in each algorithm tries to resolve the conflicts among the users considering issues such as starvation. To show the usefulness of the proposed conflict resolution method, we apply the proposed conflict resolution method to Context aware TV, a smart test‐bed.The conflict manager is built using an array of algorithms which work on the principles of preemption, non preemption, and uses methodologies like Role, Priority , Time slice based approaches. Thereby making the system to provide comprehensible and well suited solutions to cater the versatile needs of the family .The algorithms utilize various factors like priority, credits, age, and time in the above mentioned approaches. The motto of this project is to enable context‐aware applications to offer personalized services to multiple users by resolving service conflicts among users.

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