Visiting students' presentations - Social Media Analytics

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 13:00pm - Thursday, February 16, 2012, 14:00pm

ITE 325 B

This week's ebiquity lab meeting will comprise of presentations by the visiting PhD students from India - Aditi Gupta and Paridhi Jain.

Aditi will present 'Mining online social media (Twitter) content during crisis events'.

Abstract: Online social media provides people with a platform to disseminate ideas, learn information, explore knowledge, and express their opinions on diverse topics. Especially during crisis and emergency situations, there is a sudden rise in activity over the Internet. People log on to social media websites to check for updates about the event and also to share information about the event with others. In such situations, these [social media content] provide a vast resource of unmonitored and unstructured but rich information and content about events. Since the data is generated in real time and by users many of whom are some times directly or indirectly in the actual event; mining this content can yield quite useful knowledge about the crisis situation. Though a large volume of content is posted on Twitter, not all of the information is trustworthy or useful in providing information about the event. We propose an algorithm based on information retrieval and machine learning techniques to assess the credibility of tweets during high-impact events. Also, we illustrate how geo-location tags and social network analysis can be used to extract situational awareness and actionable information during crisis events.

Paridhi will present 'Who’s Who? Linking multiple online identities of a single real world identity back to her'.

Abstract: Over the decade, Online social media has offered varying services ranging from connecting to old friends or to business individuals, from disseminating information to watching videos. Owing to the variety of services, a user (in order to enjoy multiple services), registers for more than one online social media sites. Users build their profile with their username, name, attributes, friends and groups they are a part of. Users repeat the process across online social media sites with repetitive / new information, hereby building multiple profiles of a single real-world user.
The aim of the presented work is to find ways to link back the multiple online identities created by a real-world user back to her. The presentation walks through the literature work in this field. The presentation will also talk about few of the approaches that are left to be tried to.

Date: February 16 (Thursday)
Time: 01.00 pm - 02.00 pm
Place: ITE 325 - B

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