Identification of common best practices in Stem Cell Preparation


Thursday, April 5, 2012, 13:00pm - Thursday, April 5, 2012, 14:00pm

ITE 325 B

Stem Cells are characterized by their ability to differentiate into specialized cells and are widely used to treat leukemia. The standard steps in Stem Cell Preparation include Isolation of Stem Cell from bone marrow or iliac crest etc. of donor, which itself could be human or mice; followed by preliminary treatment which includes centrifugation or sterilization. Specific cultures are then maintained for growth and expansion of extracted Stem Cells.

The aim of this project is to identify commonly used donor, source tissue, and culture conditions, medium by exploiting the power of regular expressions. Once an underlying template for Stem Cell Preparation has been found across input literature it would be proposed as one of the standards in Stem Cell Preparation. This would be corroborated by statistical results that indicate number of research papers that prepare Stem Cells in a similar fashion.

The broader aim of the project is to mine scientific literature and propose common best practices and quality assurance protocols. By providing document based evidences, standards could be proposed for preparation of various products.

Anupam Joshi

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