Three new PhDs

May 19, 2004

Three ebiquity Ph.D students defended their dissertation research and graduated in the Spring of 2004. Doctors Filip Perich, Jeff Undercoffer and Youyong Zou were hooded and received their diplomas at the UMBC graduation on May 19, 2004.

Dr. Filip Perich investigated data management problems in pervasive computing environments, with the support of National Science Foundation. He developed and validated protocols for data discovery, routing, querying, transactional support, and for validating data integrity based on trust and reputation, which allow mobile devices to interact automatically and exchange data with other devices in their vicinity. This work has resulted in over 20 journal, conference, and workshop publications. Filip Perich has joined Cougaar Software.

Dr. Jeffrey Undercoffer developed new techniques to identify, classify and recognize computer attacks. He has taken a research management position within the Department of Defense.

Dr. Youyong Zou investigated techniques for building intelligent information systems on the Internet with support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. His dissertation developed new languages and techniques enabling autonomous software agents to discover and reason with information on the Semantic Web and perform tasks using standard web services. His work has resulted in over fourteen refereed research publications. He has joined Image MAtters LLC, a software research and development firm.

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