Finin gives invited talk at AAAI 2004

August 27, 2004

Tim Finin will give an invited talk on Intelligent Agents meet the Semantic Web in the Aether at the Nineteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-04) sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. The AAAI-04 Conference was held in San Jose, California, at the San Jose Convention Center, from 25-29 July, 2004.

Finin's talk will focus on new uses of intelligent software agents and multiagent systems.

"The software agents paradigm has received considerable research but has not yet found broad application. The vision is still sound and will be re-invigorated by two new developments: semantic web languages, which provide stronger knowledge sharing technology, and the emergence of pervasive computing environments, whose requirements match the strengths of multiagent systems."

For more information, please contact UMBC ebiquity.