Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business

In Response: Next Steps in Natural Language Interaction


In the area of man-machine interaction, Natural Language has so far primarily been used to simplify people's access to information. The next step beyond simple data access is the kind of cooperative, interactive problem-solving that current expert systems aspire to. But support for problem-solving (which includes helping the user formulate his/her problems) demands more in the way of interaction than just answering requests for factual information. In the first part of this paper, we illustrate some of these needed capabilities. In the remainder, we discuss two of them in greater detail: (a) recognizing and responding to user misconceptions and (b) getting from users the information needed to help them solve their problems.

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ai, language understanding, natural language processing, natural language processing


Ablex Publishing

Walter Reitman

Paper originally presented at the May 1983 NYU Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business.

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