Workshop on Language and Information Processing

A Three-Tiered Approach to Integrating Inforrnation Retrieval and Natural Language Processing

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This paper presents a three-tie¡ed approach to text processing in which a novel and quite powerful knowledge-based form of information retrieval plays a central role. This approach was used in our participation in the NOSC-sponsored Third Meseage Unilerstaniling Conference (MUC-3). Our three-tiered approach to text processing can be defined in terms of three processing components: a keyword analysis system that is used to predict the occurrence of terrorist act descriptions; the knowledge-based information retrieval system KBIRD which is used to instantiate templates for the terrorist act descriptions detected by the keyword analysis system; and a natural language processing system called PUNDIT, which KBIRD provides with key segments of text on which to perform a detailed linguistic analysis in order to extract information about grammatical and thematic roles.

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information retrieval, natural language processing


American Society for Information Science

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