Artificial Intelligence for Electronic Commerce


Artificial Intelligence for Electronic Commerce; papers from the AAAI Workshop

Tim Finin and Benjamin Grosof, Cochairs, AAAI Technical Report WS-99-01, 143 pp.

ISBN 1-57735-085-5

Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services in cyberspace. Already a multi-billion-dollar segment of the world economy, it is a fast-growing and exciting field. This workshop addressed the challenges, opportunities, practical applications, and theoretical aspects of using AI in e-commerce. It focused particularly on practical applications and techniques, and about the newer area of business-to-business e-commerce, e.g., supply-chain management. Topics of the papers include shopping agents, recommender services, data mining of customer buying patterns, customer service help, buyer and seller economic decision-making, markets, auctions, negotiations, and contracts, agent communication, knowledge exchange, and XML, brokering, matchmaking, and reputation services, promotions, advertising, and navigation of buyer attention, procurement and supply chain business processes, and product catalogs.


Long Presentations: Papers (refereed)

  • IntelliServe: Automating Customer Service / 1
    Yannick Lallement and Mark S. Fox
  • Smart Clients: Constraint Satisfaction as a Paradigm for Scaleable Intelligent Information Systems / 10
    Marc Torrens i Arnal and Boi Faltings
  • A New Internet Agent Scripting Language Using XML / 16
    Danny B. Lange, Tom Hill, and Mitsuru Oshima
  • DIVA: Applying Decision Theory to Collaborative Filtering / 20
    Hien Nguyen and Peter Haddawy
  • Analysis of the Axiomatic Foundations of Collaborative Filtering / 27
    David M. Pennock and Eric Horvitz
  • KRAFT: Supporting Virtual Organizations through Knowledge Fusion / 33
    Alun Preece, Kit Hui, and Peter Gray
  • Toward a Declarative Language for Negotiating Executable Contracts / 39
    Daniel M. Reeves, Benjamin N. Grosof, Michael P. Wellman, and Hoi Y. Chan
  • eMediator: A Next Generation Electronic Commerce Server / 46
    Tuomas Sandholm
  • Equilibrium Prices in Bundle Auctions / 56
    Peter R. Wurman and Michael P. Wellman
Short Presentations: Papers (refereed)
  • Congregation Formation in Information Economies / 62
    Christopher H. Brooks and Edmund H. Durfee
  • Integrating Knowledge-Based and Collaborative-Filtering Recommender Systems / 69
    Robin Burke
  • Recommender Systems for E-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities / 73
    Robert Driskill and John Riedl
  • Intelligent Decision Support for the e-Supply Chain / 77
    Richard Goodwin, Pinar Keskinocak, Sesh Murthy, Frederick Wu, and Rama Akkiraju
  • Agent Service for Online Auctions / 81
    Junling Hu, Daniel Reeves, and Hock-Shan Wong
  • Applying AI to Manufacturing: Linear Order Promising and Production Planning / 87
    Yury Smirnov
  • A CSP-Based Model for Integrated Supply Chains / 92
    Rongming Sun, Bei-Tseng (Bill) Chu, Robert Wilhelm, and Jian Yao
  • Controlling Supplier Selection in an Automated Purchasing System / 101
    Pedro Szekely, Bob Neches, David P. Benjamin, Jinbo Chen, and Craig Milo Rogers
Research Positions: Statements (no presentations, unrefereed)
  • Auctions without Common Knowledge / 109
    Sviatoslav Brainov and Tuomas Sandholm
  • Insights into the Design of Middle Agent Architectures: The Case of Multi-Agent Information Extraction / 111
    C. Curtis Cartmill and Robin Cohen
  • Negotiating Agents for Supply Chain Management / 113
    Ye Chen, Yun Peng, Tim Finin, Yannis Labrou, and Scott Cost
  • Electronic Commerce is an Intriguing Domain for AI Learning Theory / 115
    Leona F. Fass
  • Matchmaker Agents for Electronic Commerce / 117
    Eugene C. Freuder and Richard J. Wallace
  • OntoSeek: Using Large Linguistic Ontologies for Accessing On-Line Yellow Pages and Product Catalogs / 118
    Nicola Guarino, Claudio Masolo, and Guido Vetere
  • A Virtual Property Agency: Electronic Market with Support of Negotiation / 120
    Hu Jiuru, Jerome Yen, and Alan Chung
  • Ontologies for Electronic Commerce / 125
    Deborah L. McGuinness
  • Business Modeling and Forecasting / 127
    Cyrus F. Nourani
  • A Limitation of the Generalized Vickrey Auction in Electronic Commerce: Robustness against False-name Bids / 129
    Yuko Sakurai, Makoto Yokoo, and Shigeo Matsubara
  • Real-World Requirements for Natural Language Interfaces for E-Commerce / 131
    Mallory Selfridge
  • Fuzzy Sets in E-Commerce: Targeted Advertising and Catalog Search / 132
    Ronald R. Yager


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