Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems

F-OWL: an Inference Engine for the Semantic Web

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Understanding and using the data and knowledge encoded in semantic web documents requires an inference engine. F-OWL is an inference engine for the semantic web language OWL language based on F-logic, an approach to defining frame-based systems in logic. F-OWL is implemented using XSB and Flora-2 and takes full advantage of their features. We describe how F-OWL computes ontology entailment and compare it with other description logic based approaches. We also describe TAGA, a trading agent environment that we have used as a test bed for F-OWL and to explore how multiagent systems can use semantic web concepts and technology.

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MIchael Hinchey, James L. Rash, Walter F. Truszkowski, and Christopher A. Rouff

Lecture Notes in Computer Science


(proceedings of the Third International Workshop (FAABS), April 16-18, 2004, Greenbelt, MD, USA)

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