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Policy based Access Control for a RDF Store

Authors: Pavan Reddivari, Tim Finin, and Anupam Joshi

Book Title: Proceedings of the Policy Management for the Web Workshop

Date: May 10, 2005

Abstract: Resource Description Format (RDF) stores have formed an essen-tial part of many semantic web applications. Current RDF store systems have primarily focused on efficiently storing and query-ing large numbers of triples. Little attention has been given to how triples would be updated and maintained or how access to store can be controlled. In this paper we describe the motivation for an RDF store with complete maintenance capabilities and access control. We propose a policy based access control model providing control over the various actions possible on an RDF store. Finally, we discuss on how the Hypertext Transport Proto-col (HTTP) and its extensions can be used to provide communica-tion with the store.

Type: InProceedings

Organization: W3C

Series: A WWW 2005 Workshop

Pages: 78-83

Google Scholar: RU-W8NvOKTQJ

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