Knowledge-Based Electronic Markets


This workshop addressed the challenges, opportunities, and practical applications of knowledge-based electronic markets (e-markets). By e-markets, we mean markets on the web (or large inter-enterprise private networks) where buyers interact and transact with sellers. e-markets also include infrastructure support and mediation services and players, such as for yellow pages, catalogs, shopping search, advertising, sales assistants, brokering, aggregation, infomediaries, reputation and trust management, authentication, and payments. By knowledge-based, we mean using automated techniques for knowledge representation and reasoning, learning, and communication, for example, in intelligent agents. It includes the following papers:

  • KOJAC: Implementing KQML with Jini to Support Agent-Based Communication in Emarkets / 1; M. Brian Blake
  • Toward Automated Pricing and Bundling of Information Goods / 8; Christopher H. Brooks and Edmund H. Durfee
  • Semantic Ratings and Heuristic Similarity for Collaborative Filtering / 14 Robin Burke
  • Service Discovery in the Future Electronic Market / 21; Harry Chen, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Liang Xu, Anupam Joshi, and Tim Finin
  • Join the Club: Enabling Self-Organizing Groups on the Net / 27; Stephen Fickas, Holly Arrow, and John Orbell
  • Agent-Based Electronic Markets for Project Supply Chain Coordination / 37; Keesoo Kim, Boyd C. Paulson, Jr., and Charles J. Petrie, Jr.
  • Automated Negotiation from Declarative Contract Descriptions / 42; Daniel M. Reeves, Benjamin N. Grosof, Michael P. Wellman, and Hoi Y. Chan
  • Toward a Marketplace Infrastructure for Virtual Organizations / 54; Alun Preece
  • Agents that Represent Buyer's Interest in E-Commerce / 63; Sandip Sen, Partha Sarathi Dutta, and Rajatish Mukherjee
  • Beyond Passive Bids and Asks: Mutual Buyer and Seller Discrimination through Integrative Negotiation in Agent Based Electronic Markets / 70; Gaurav Tewari and Pattie Maes
  • Knowledge Based Recommender Systems Using Explicit User Models / 74; Brendon Towle and Clark Quinn
  • Hybrid Recommender Systems for Electronic Commerce / 78; Thomas Tran and Robin Cohen
  • Negotiating with Experience / 85; Wai Yat Wong, Dong Mei Zhang, and Mustapha Kara-Ali

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Tim Finin and Benjamin Grosof

Papers from the AAAI Workshop

AAAI Technical Report WS-00-04, ISBN 1-57735-119-3

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