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Automated speech recognition in medical applications

Authors: Michael A. Grasso

Journal: MD Computing

Date: January 30, 1995

Abstract: Despite considerable advances in computer technology over the last 20 years, the keyboard and video display are still the principal means of entering and retrieving data. As the use of computers increases, however, the need for alternative ways of interacting with the computer grows as well. This demand was fueled by a need for an intuitive human-machine interface to accommodate increasing numbers of nontechnical users, since limitations in the interface are still obstacles to the widespread acceptance of computer automation . In addition, in some situations the usual methods of interacting with the computer are impractical - for example, when the hands are otherwise occupied, as in microscopy. An approach that addresses both the need for ease of use and the need to keep the hands free is the use of automated speech recognition.

Type: Article

Pages: 16-23

Number: 1

Volume: 12

Google Scholar: pwZzHuvovpoJ

Number of Google Scholar citations: 15 [show citations]