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Feasibility study of voice-driven data collection in animal drug toxicology studies

Authors: Michael A. Grasso, and Clare Grasso

Journal: Computers in Biology and Medicine

Date: July 30, 1994

Abstract: The object of this study was to determine the feasibility of using voice recognition technology to enable hands-free and eyes-free collection of data related to animal drug toxicology studies. Specifically, we developed and tested a prototype voice-driven data collection system for histopathology data using only voice input and computer-generated voice responses. The overall accuracy rate was 97%. Additional work is needed to minimize training requirements and improve audible feedback. We conclude that this architecture could be considered a viable alternative for data collection in animal drug toxicology studies with reasonable recognition accuracy.

Type: Article

Pages: 289-294

Number: 4

Volume: 24

Google Scholar: XYGHTgU_kJsJ

Number of Google Scholar citations: 14 [show citations]