IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2007.

Atmospheric Composition Processing System (ACPS): Evolution from instrument-based to measurement-based processing

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NASA's ACCESS Program is sponsoring an evolution of a mission-based ozone data processing system into a measurement-based Atmospheric Composition Processing System (ACPS). Services currently available only to mission science team members will be extended to members of the Atmospheric Composition Community. Data and information technologies developed for the BUV, TOMS, OMI, and OMPS science teams will be made available to a wider base of science users. Community scientists will have access to current processing algorithms and resources. They will be able to run modified forms of existing algorithms or develop and run new algorithms on the ACPS. Development costs will be minimized by utilizing elements of existing and proven systems. Implementation costs for external scientists will also be minimized by utilizing Linux-based commodity processors, open standards, and open source software. This presentation introduces the architecture of the ACPS and describes how external scientists will be able to interact with it.


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