Proc. 2nd Asia-Pacific Conf. on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT-2001)

Agent Consumer Reports: of the Agents, by the Agents and for the Agents

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Service matching is critical in large, dynamic agent systems. While finding exact matches is always desirable as long as an agent knows what it wants, it is not always possible to find exact matches. Moreover, the selected agents (with exact match) may or may not provide quality services. Some agents may be unwilling or unable to advertise their capability information at the sufficient level of details, some might unknowingly advertise inaccurate information, while others might even purposefully provide misleading information. Our proposed solution to this problem is the agent “consumer reports”. The broker agent will not only collect the information advertised by the service provider agents, but also learn about the experiences the consumer agents have about their service providers. It might also hire some agents to test certain service providers to see how well they can do what they claim they are capable of doing. Then agent consumer reports will be built based on the information collected. The advanced level of agent consumer reports will also dynamically capture the probabilistic distribution of the services and use it to assess the probability of a match. We plan to extend LARKS and use it as our agent capability description language.

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