Technical Report, TR CS-01-06

A Highly Adaptable Infrastructure for Service Discovery and Management in Ubiquitous Computing

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In an age where wirelessly networked appliances and devices are becoming commonplace, there is a necessity for providing a standard interface to them that is easily accessible by any mobile user. The design outlined in this paper provides an infrastructure and communication protocol for presenting services to heterogeneous mobile clients in a physical space via some short-range wireless links. This system uses a Communication Manager to communicate with the client devices. The Communication Manager can be modified easily to work with any type of communication medium, including TCP/IP, Infrared, CDPD, and Bluetooth. All the components in our model use a language based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), giving it a uniform and easily adaptable interface. We explain our trade-offs in implementation, and through experiments, we show that the design is feasible and that it indeed provides a flexible structure for providing services. Centaurus defines a uniform infrastructure for heterogeneous services, both hardware, and software, to be made available to diverse mobile users within a confined space.

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