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A Language and Protocol to Support Intelligent Agent Interoperability

Authors: Tim Finin, Richard Fritzson, and Donald P McKay

Book Title: 4th National Symp. on Concurrent Engineering, CE & CALS

Date: June 01, 1992

Abstract: We describe a language and protocol intended to support interoperability among intelligent agents in a distributed application. Examples of applications envisioned include intelligent multi-agent design systems as well as intelligent planning, scheduling and replanning agents supporting distributed transportation and scheduling applications. The language, KQML, for Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language, is part of a larger DARPA􏰌sponsored Knowledge Sharing Initiative focused on developing techniques and tools to promote the sharing of knowledge in intelligent systems. We will define the concepts which underlie KQML and attempt to specify its scope and provide a model for how it will be used.

Type: InProceedings

Tags: kqml, agent, knowledge base

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