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Visualization of Pain Severity Events Using Semantic Structures

Authors: Clare Grasso, Anupam Joshi, and Eliot Siegel

Book Title: 10th International Conference on Semantic Computing

Date: February 03, 2016

Abstract: Physicians are often required to make critical medical decisions that may be based on previous events in the patient's health history. However, these events may be very difficult to locate in the patient record due to the large volume of unstructured textual data in the patient's chart. Even when the chart is housed in an electronic health record (EMR) system, keyword search within the chart may produce many results that are not relevant or that may overlook related expressions and concepts entirely. In addition, some medical events, such as the occurrence of symptoms, are associated with important attributes such as location or severity. This paper describes a prototype system that performs ontology-based semantic search through clinical text to extract pain severity events, and then presents them in a visualization to monitor the progression of post-surgical pain.

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Tags: semantic search; ontology; clinical decision support; health informatics

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