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Augmenting ATNs

Authors: Tim Finin, and George D. Hadden

Book Title: Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Date: August 01, 1977

Abstract: Augmented Transition Networks have become a popular and effective tool for constructing natural language understanding systems. Our own system, PLANES, is based on a large “semantic grammar” which is implemented as an ATN network. In developing our system, we were frustrated by numerous problems and shortcomings in the basic ATN formalism. Consequently, we have augmented and extended the model to overcome some of these problems. We have also developed an optimizing compiler for ATN net-works which translates them into LISP functions and an interactive program which allows one to easily extend and modify an ATN grammar.

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc.

Pages: 193-193

Volume: 1

Tags: natural language processing

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