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Cleaning Noisy Knowledge Graphs

Authors: Ankur Padia

Book Title: Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium at the 16th International Semantic Web Conference

Date: October 22, 2017

Abstract: My dissertation research is developing an approach to identify and explain errors in a knowledge graph constructed by extracting entities and relations from text. Information extraction systems can automatically construct knowledge graphs from a large collection of documents, which might be drawn from news articles, Web pages, social media posts or discussion forums. The language understanding task is challenging and current extraction systems introduce many kinds of errors. Previous work on improving the quality of knowledge graphs uses additional evidence from background knowledge bases or Web searches. Such approaches are dicult to apply when emerging entities are present and/or only one knowledge graph is available. In order to address the problem I am using multiple complementary techniques including entitylinking, common sense reasoning, and linguistic analysis.

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Volume: 1962

Tags: natural language processing, knowledge graph, learning

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