Smart Cities Cybersecurity and Privacy

Security in Smart Cyber-Physical Systems: A Case Study on Smart Grids and Smart Cars

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Smart cyber-physical systems (CPS) form an integral part of Smart Cities, and are deployed in various domains, such as energy and transportation. In general, a smart CPS senses data from the physical world and uses cyber capabilities to transmit and analyze this data for making intelligent decisions in their respective domains. However, the growing number of cyberattacks against CPSs can badly affect their reputation and wide-scale acceptability. The Ukrainian smart grid attack and Jeep hack are true testimonials for the financial impacts and extensive service disruptions caused by such attacks. They also justify the immediate requirement to secure the smart CPS environment. This chapter explores two popular smart CPSs—smart grids and smart cars. Smart grids play a critical role in the energy management of Smart Cities, and intelligent transportation is achieved using smart cars. After examining the current general architecture of these CPSs, we examine the security in these domains by listing different attacks reported against them and various countermeasures proposed to secure these systems.

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