International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems

Bayesian Network Revision with Probabilistic Constraints

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This paper deals with an important probabilistic knowledge integration problem: revising a Bayesian network (BN) to satisfy a set of probability constraints representing new or more specific knowledge. We propose to solve this problem by adopting IPFP (iterative proportional fitting procedure) to BN. The resulting algorithm E-IPFP integrates the constraints by only changing the conditional probability tables (CPT) of the given BN while preserving the network structure; and the probability distribution of the revised BN is as close as possible to that of the original BN. Two variations of E-IPFP are also proposed: 1) E-IPFP-SMOOTH which deals with the situation where the probabilistic constraints are inconsistent with each other or with the network structure of the given BN; and 2) D-IPFP which reduces the computational cost by decomposing a global E-IPFP into a set of smaller local E-IPFP problems.

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bayesian networks, iterative proportional fitting procedure, knowledge integration




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