Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Storytelling

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Human storytelling has existed for as far back as we can trace, and is thought to be fundamental to being human. Stories help share ideas, histories, and common ground. This workshop examines what storytelling is, its structure and components, and how it is expressed, with respect to state of the art in language and computation. Part of grounding artificial intelligence work in human experience can involve the generation, understanding, and sharing of stories. This workshop highlights the diverse work being done in storytelling and AI across different fields. Papers at this workshop are multi-disciplinary, including work on neural and linguistic approaches to understanding and generating stories in narrative texts, social media, and visual narratives. The second workshop of Storytelling received 22 submissions. We accepted 14 submissions into the proceedings, 6 of which were presented as oral presentations, and 8 as posters. We accepted 3 of the submitted papers as non-archival works to be presented during the poster session. We are pleased to host an invited talk from Melissa Roemmele.

natural language processing, storytelling


Association for Computational Linguistics

Francis Ferraro and Francis Ferraro

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