Ontology driven AI and Access Control Systems for Smart Fisheries

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Increasing number of internet connected devices has paved a path for smarter ecosystems in various sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Especially, integrating technologies like big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, etc. with internet connected devices has increased efficiency and productivity. Therefore, fishery farmers have started adopting smart fisheries technologies to better manage their fish farms. Despite their technological advancements smart fisheries are exposed and vulnerable to cyber-attacks that would cause negative impact on the ecosystem both physically and economically. Therefore in this paper, we present a smart fisheries ecosystem where the architecture describes various interactions that happen between internet connected devices. We develop a smart fisheries ontology based on the architecture and implement Attribute Based Access Control System (ABAC) where access to resources of smart fisheries is granted by evaluating the requests. We also discuss how access control decisions are made in multiple use case scenarios of a smart fisheries ecosystem. Furthermore, we elaborate some AI applications that would enhance the smart fisheries ecosystem.

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