Ankur Nagar

Alumnus, M.S. Alumnus

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Information Systems, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, Maryland 21250, United States

Refereed Publications


  1. L. Elluri, A. Nagar, and K. P. Joshi, "An Integrated Knowledge Graph to Automate GDPR and PCI DSS Compliance", IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2018, December 2018, 841 downloads.
  2. A. Nagar and K. P. Joshi, "A Semantically Rich Knowledge Representation of PCI DSS for Cloud Services", InProceedings, 6th International IBM Cloud Academy Conference ICACON 2018, Japan, May 2018, 500 downloads.

Active Projects

  1. ALDA: Automated Legal Document Analytics, M.S. Student


  1. (Person) Karuna Pande Joshi advises (Person) Ankur Nagar.
  2. (Project) ALDA: Automated Legal Document Analytics has developer (Person) Ankur Nagar.
  3. (Person) Karuna Pande Joshi advises (Person) Ankur Nagar.