Ant Ozok
Ant Ozok

Associate Professor


Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County
Information Systems, Baltimore, MD 21250, USA

Ant Ozok is an Associate Professor and the Director of Research at the UMBC Information Systems Department. His research areas include usability testing, user preferences and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) applications in the domains of World-Wide-Web, mobile computing, electronic and mobile commerce, online communities, and health care. Recent publications appeared in Behaviour and Information Technology, International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, and the Human Computer Interaction Handbook Second Edition. He is currently on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, and Associate Editor of International Journal of Electronic Financeand Electronic Government: An International Journal. His recently funded research is focused on the topics including technology perceptions among middle school students with a gender emphasis supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), investigation of technology-supported medication adherence among the elderly population supported by Erickson Retirement Communities, and user aspects of graphical authentication systems supported by TEDCO-Maryland Technology Development Corporation. At UMBC he has taught courses on Electronic Commerce as part of UMBC's Online Master's Program, Introduction to Computer-Based Systems Honors Course, and Legal Aspects of Information Systems.

Ant Ozok



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