Arya Renjan
Arya Renjan

Alumnus, M.S. Alumnus

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Arya Renjan is currently pursuing MS in Computer Engineering at UMBC. She is doing research with Dr. Karuna Joshi in the field of Network Security and reputation. Prior to UMBC, she worked with ANSYS Inc. for three years, a tier-1 EDA company in the field of Semiconductor Simulation Software at Bangalore, India.

Arya Renjan



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  1. A. Renjan, K. P. Joshi, S. N. Narayanan, and A. Joshi, "DAbR: Dynamic Attribute-based Reputation scoring for Malicious IP Address Detection", InProceedings, IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics (IEEE ISI) 2018, November 2018, 1645 downloads.


  1. (Person) Karuna Pande Joshi advises (Person) Arya Renjan.