Deepal Dhariwal
Deepal Dhariwal

Alumnus, M.S. Alumnus

Computer Science and Engineering, ITE 377

Graduated in May 2013

I have been working as Research Assistant at Ebiquity since Spring 2012. In Spring I worked on Identification of Common Best Practices in Stem Cell Preparation. The project involved text processing of Biomedical Research Papers to extract underlying standards. Masters Thesis: The goal of research is to apply various text and semantic web analytic to extract meaningful information from unstructured clinical text. In the information extraction phase, a bunch of annotators would be developed to extract clinical entities and their associated values from chest pain progress notes. The information extracted from clinical narratives would be stored in an owl knowledge based and extraction rules would be applied to infer facts about patient’s medical condition. The knowledge generation phase would utilize heart failure ontology , semantic web reasoner and query language. Such a decision support system would allow early identification of patients with high risk for serious outcome.

Deepal Dhariwal



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