Maricel Kann



University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Biological Sciences, Baltimore, MD 21250

Dr. Maricel Kann is currently an Assistant Professor at UMBC. She received a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and a graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Universidad de la Republica in Montevideo (Uruguay), where she was research assistant at the Quantum Chemistry Department. In 2001 she obtained a doctoral degree from the University of Michigan in Chemistry completing a thesis under the guidance of Dr. Richard A. Goldstein that focused on the theory, statistics and methods for protein sequence alignment. After completing her Ph.D., Dr. Kann joined the Structure group at the National Center for Biotechnology Information at NIH as a postdoctoral fellow. In August 2007, she joined the UMBC Department of Biological Sciences as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Kann has chaired several conference sessions at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) and the Intelligent Systems and Molecular Biology (ISMB).