Mithun Sheshagiri



Graduated in August 2004

Refereed Publications


  1. M. Sheshagiri, "Automatic Composition and Invocation of Semantic Web Services", MastersThesis, UMBC, August 2004, 2539 downloads, 11 citations.


  1. A. Kunjithapatham, M. Sheshagiri, T. Finin, A. Joshi, and Y. Peng, "Personal Agents on the Semantic Web", InProceedings, Proc. Second Int. Semantic Web Conf., October 2003, 881 downloads.
  2. M. Sheshagiri, M. desJardins, and T. Finin, "A Planner for Composing Services Described in DAML-S", InProceedings, Proceedings of the AAMAS Workshop on Web Services and Agent-based Engineering,, June 2003, 2414 downloads, 159 citations.


  1. S. Kumar, A. Kunjithapatham, M. Sheshagiri, T. Finin, A. Joshi, Y. Peng, and R. S. Cost, "A Personal Agent Application for the Semantic Web", InProceedings, AAAI 2002 Fall Symposium Series, November 2002, 3232 downloads, 14 citations.


  1. (Photo) Mithun Sheshagiri shows (Person) Mithun Sheshagiri.