Sheetal Gupta

Alumnus, M.S. Alumnus

CSEE, United States

Graduated in July 2008

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  1. S. Gupta, A. Joshi, and T. Finin, "A Framework for Secure Knowledge Management in Pervasive Computing", InProceedings, Proceedings of the Workshop on Secure Knowledge Management, November 2008, 2164 downloads.
  2. S. Gupta, "Trust-based Data Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", MastersThesis, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, July 2008, 1738 downloads.
  3. S. Gupta, A. Joshi, and A. Patwardhan, "Query Distribution Estimation and Predictive Caching in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", InProceedings, Proceedings of the Seventh International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access, June 2008, 2571 downloads, 1 citation.

Past Projects

  1. Security in Mobile Databases, Student