Tera Reynolds

Assistant Professor



Dr. Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at UMBC. She also directs the Consumer heAlth infoRmatics for Engagement (CARE) Lab. Dr. Reynolds takes a socio-technical approach to understand how we can improve the design and implementation of technologies that connect, facilitate interaction, and support the independent and collaborative work of individuals (e.g., patients, citizens) and health professionals (e.g., doctors, public health practitioners). She is particularly interested in examining how we can mitigate the risk of these technologies worsening health disparities.



  1. O. Clark, T. Reynolds, E. Ugwuabonyi, and K. P. Joshi, "Exploring the Impact of Increased Health Information Accessibility in Cyberspace on Trust and Self-care Practices", InProceedings, ACM Workshop on Secure and Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems (SaT-CPS ’24) (ACM SaT-CPS 2024)., June 2024, 82 downloads.