Tim Ganous


University of Maryland Medical System
Medical Technology Planning, CY-211, 351 West Camden, Baltimore, MD 21201

Refereed Publications


  1. S. Agarwal, A. Joshi, T. Finin, Y. Yesha, and T. Ganous, "A Pervasive Computing System for the Operating Room of the Future", Article, Mobile Networks and Applications, August 2007, 3271 downloads.

Non-Refereed Publications


  1. S. Agarwal, A. Joshi, T. Ganous, and Y. Yesha, "Context-Aware System to Create Electronic Medical Records", TechReport, July 2006, 2965 downloads.

Past Projects

  1. Trauma Pod, Collaborator


  1. (Photo) Tim Ganous and Sheetal Agarwal shows (Person) Tim Ganous.