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Varish Mulwad
Knowledge Discovery Reseacher 

Primary Role:Ph.D. Alumnus

Graduation date: May 2015
GE Global Research

City: Niskayuna
State: NY
Country: USA
Blog URL:

I am a Knowledge Discovery Researcher in the Knowledge Discovery Lab at the GE Global Research Center (GRC) in Niskayuna, NY. My work at GE GRC focuses on using Semantic Web technologies and Natural Language Processing to help incorporate Artificial Intelligence and analytics in tools for GE's businesses such as Healthcare, Power, Digital, their customers as well as initiatives such as the Digital Twin.

I received my Ph.D. (2015) and M.S. (2010) in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). At UMBC, I was a member of the Ebiquity Research Lab, where I worked under the guidance of my guru, Prof. Tim Finin. I also closely collaborated with Prof. Anupam Joshi. I completed my B.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai in 2007.

My research interests include the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Information extraction/text analysis and Machine Learning. My projects have broadly focused on extracting information and adding semantics to unstructured or semi-structured data. My Ph.D. dissertation research focused on developing TABEL -- a domain independent and extensible framework for inferring the semantics of tables found on the web and in medical papers. I developed novel techniques to map column headers to classes, table cell values to entities and pair of columns to relations from a given ontology and a knowledge graph. I also developed a novel Semantic Message Passing scheme which incorporates semantics into message passing, to perform joint inference over a probabilistic graphical model of a table.


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16 Refereed Publications


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Past Projects

 Automatic Interpretation of Log Files, Ph.D. Student.
 MTLD: Interpreting Medical Tables as Linked Data, Ph.D. Student.
 Swoogle, M.S. Student, Worked on approaches to "parallelize" the discovery component of Swwogle - The Semantic Web Search Engine.
 Tables to Linked Data, Ph.D. Student.