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Status: Past project

Project Description:
EECOMS was a NIST sponsored project with the goal "to develop a new framework for people, applications and software agents to collaborate on supply chain logistics, resulting in faster delivery of products to customers, reduction of costly inventories, and an overall increase of U.S. manufacturers' competitiveness in the global marketplace."

Start Date: December 1996

End Date: December 2000

Harry Chen
Lalana Kagal


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2 Refereed Publications


1. Lalana Kagal et al., "A Delegation Based Model for Distributed Trust", InProceedings, Workshop on Autonomy, Delegation, and Control: Interacting with Autonomous Agents, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, August 2001, 495 downloads.

2. Lalana Kagal et al., "A Framework for Distributed Trust Management", InProceedings, Second Workshop on Norms and Institutions in multi-agent systems, June 2001, 3110 downloads.


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1. EECOMS, Web Site.


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