Project Idea


December 1, 2003 - December 1, 2005

Several manufacturers offer Bluetooth enabled wireless headsets, such as Jabra's FreeSpeak and products made by Plantronics and others . There are intended to be used to connect with phones, but could also be used to send and receive audio to computers. This project will involve (1) writing some low level drivers for the desired OS (linux?), (ii) hooking up the drivers to some interesting applications (listen to MP3's? Interface to a speech understanding system) and (iii) demonstrating the result in an interesting scenario.

The result might be a way for mobile users to detect the presence of pervasive resources via audio signals, head audio notes left for them by other users and agents, access audio services (music, listen to email), and interact via speech with pervasive services.

If you are interested in exploring or working on this idea, contact Tim Finin.

bluetooth, speech

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