Damlator: Semantic Web Translator

December 1, 2001 - December 1, 2002

Developing DAMLator as a module for the popular Apache web server which does server side translations of DAML encoded files and caches the results. Current translation targets include Ntriples, Prolog terms, GIF and PNG. The benefits of using DAMLator are threefold. First, the caching mechanism provides efficiency and scaling by avoiding repeated translations of the DAML encoded files. Second, doing the translation on the server side means that client applications can be smaller, simpler and faster since they do not have to parse and translate DAML files. Third, avoiding the complexity of dealing with DAML directly and making the DAML content available in several forms lowers the barrier for developers to experiment with DAML. DAMLator 1.0 is implemented in Perl and uses HP JENA RDF/XML parser, Apache Xerces and AT&T Labs Graphviz. Future versions will include a web interface through which one can administer, configure and monitor a DAMLator installation.

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