Vox Blogguli

June 1, 2006 - December 1, 2009

Blogvox is an experimental system initially built for the 2006 TREC blog track. The goal was to do opinion retrieval from blog posts. GIven a query string describing a topic, e.g., "March of the Penguins", the system retieves blog posts that express an opinion, positive or negative, about the topic.

blog, information retrieval, splog

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Adjunct Faculty

  1. Pranam Kolari


  1. James Mayfield



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  1. P. Kolari, A. Java, T. Finin, J. Mayfield, A. Joshi, and J. Martineau, "Blog Track Open Task: Spam Blog Classification", InCollection, TREC 2006 Blog Track Notebook, November 2006, 8467 downloads, 11 citations.