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Geospatial Semantic Web


An introduction to Geospatial Semantic Web technology. An invited talk given by Dr. Harry Chen at UMBC (CMSC 491/691M Spring 2007 Special Topic Course on the Semantic Web).

This presentation covers key issues related to Geospatial Semantic Web: (1) extracting hidden knowledge from unstructured and structured data, (2) knowledge fusion over heterogeneous data sources, (3) ontology sharing and (4) building user-friendly Semantic Web applications.

It also describes state-of-the-art technologies that attempt to solve these problems. This discussion covers upper-case Semantic Web vs. lower-case semantic web, GeoRSS, W3C Geo ontology, GML, Flickr machine tags, geonames and Google Maps mashups.

Type: Presentation

Authors: Harry Chen

Date: March 27, 2007

Tags: semanticweb, rdf, georss, geo, web, maps, microformats, rss, technology, geospatial

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