Semantic Web 2.0


Wednesday, November 2, 2005, 9:30am - Wednesday, November 2, 2005, 10:45am

325B ITE

Part of eBiquity meeting Fall 2005

ajax, rdf, semantic web, web 2.0

We'll brainstorm about ideas for Web 2.0 applications that use RDF data. The AJAX paradigm is a key characteristic of Web 2.0 applications and is a good fit for driving web applications using RDF data. Here's an overview presentation and there are some exmples here and here. Anubhav Kale will start with a brief introduction to AJAX and we will spend the rest of the time exploring ideas. Note that we will start at 9:30 instead of our usual 10:30 so that students can go to the GE events which start at 11:00am.

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  1. (Event) Semantic Web 2.0 has PowerPoint slides (Resource) AJAX Tutorial