IEEE CLOUD Summit Conference 2023

CDFMR: A Distributed Statistical Analysis of Stock Market Data using MapReduce with Cumulative Distribution Function

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The stock market generates massive data daily on top of a deluge of historical data. Investors and traders look to stock market data analysis for assurance in their investments, a prime indicator of our global economy. This has led to immense popularity in the topic, and consequently, much research has been done on stock market predictions and future trends. However, due to the relatively slow electronic trading systems and order processing times, the velocity of data, the variety of data, and social factors, there is a need for gaining speed, control, and continuity in data processing (real-time stream processing) considering the amount of data that is being produced daily. Unfortunately, processing this massive amount of data on a single node is inefficient, time-consuming, and unsuitable for real-time processing. Recently, there have been many advancements in Big Data processing technologies such as Hadoop, Cloud MapReduce, and HBase. This paper proposes a MapReduce algorithm for statistical stock market analysis with a Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF). We also highlight the challenges we faced during this work and their solutions. We further showcase how our algorithm is spanned across multiple functions, which are run using multiple MapReduce jobs in a cascaded fashion.

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big data, cascaded jobs., distributed, hadoop, mapreduce, prediction, probability distribution, stock market analysis, streaming




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