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Knowledge-Enhanced Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity and Privacy

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Neurosymbolic artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging and quickly advancing field that combines the subsymbolic strengths of (deep) neural networks and the explicit, symbolic knowledge contained in knowledge graphs (KGs) to enhance explainability and safety in AI systems. This approach addresses a key criticism of current generation systems, namely, their inability to generate human-understandable explanations for their outcomes and ensure safe behaviors, especially in scenarios with unknown unknowns (e.g., cybersecurity, privacy). The integration of neural networks, which excel at exploring complex data spaces, and symbolic KGs representing domain knowledge, allows AI systems to reason, learn, and generalize in a manner understandable to experts. This article describes how applications in cybersecurity and privacy, two of the most demanding domains in terms of the need for AI to be explainable while being highly accurate in complex environments, can benefit from neurosymbolic AI.

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doi: 10.1109/MIC.2023.3299435.

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