KiNETGAN: Enabling Distributed Network Intrusion Detection through Knowledge-Infused Synthetic Data Generation

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In the realm of IoT/CPS systems connected over mobile networks, traditional intrusion detection methods analyze network traffic across multiple devices using anomaly detection techniques to flag potential security threats. However, these methods face significant privacy challenges, particularly with deep packet inspection and network communication analysis. This type of monitoring is highly intrusive, as it involves examining the content of data packets, which can include personal and sensitive information. Such data scrutiny is often governed by stringent laws and regulations, especially in environments like smart homes where data privacy is paramount. Synthetic data offers a promising solution by mimicking real network behavior without revealing sensitive details. Generative models such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) can produce synthetic data, but they often struggle to generate realistic data in specialized domains like network activity. This limitation stems from insufficient training data, which impedes the model’s ability to grasp the domain’s rules and constraints adequately. Moreover, the scarcity of training data exacerbates the problem of class imbalance in intrusion detection methods. To address these challenges, we propose a Privacy-Driven framework that utilizes a knowledge-infused Generative Adversarial Network for generating synthetic network activity data (KiNETGAN). This approach enhances the resilience of distributed intrusion detection while addressing privacy concerns. Our Knowledge Guided GAN produces realistic representations of network activity, validated through rigorous experimentation. We demonstrate that KiNETGAN maintains minimal accuracy loss in downstream tasks, effectively balancing data privacy and utility.

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cybersecurity, gan, iot, knowledge graph, knowledge guided learning, mobile systems, privacy, rdf, synthetic data



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The KiNETGAN model of Knowledge Infused Synthetic Data Generation

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