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Threshold-based Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks and Secure AODV

Authors: Anand Patwardhan, Jim Parker, Michaela Iorga, Anupam Joshi, Tom Karygiannis, and Yelena Yesha

Journal: Ad Hoc Networks Journal (ADHOCNET)

Date: May 09, 2007

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) play an important role in connecting devices in pervasive environments. MANETs provide inexpensive and versatile communication, yet several challenges remain in addressing their security. So far, numerous schemes have been proposed for secure routing and intrusion detection, with only simulations to validate them; little work exists, in implementing such schemes on small handheld devices. In this paper, we present our approach of securing a MANET using a threshold-based intrusion detection system and a secure routing protocol. We present a proof-of-concept implementation of our IDS deployed on handheld devices and in a MANET testbed connected by a secure version of AODV over IPv6 -- SecAODV. While the IDS helps detect attacks on data traffic, SecAODV incorporates security features of non-repudiation and authentication, without relying on the availability of a Certificate Authority (CA) or a Key Distribution Center (KDC). We present the design and implementation details of our system, the practical considerations involved, and how these mechanisms can be used to detect and thwart malicious attacks.

Type: Article

Edition: Vol. 6, Issue 4

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.

Pages: 578--599

Number: 4

Volume: 6

Tags: security, manet, pervasive computintg, wireless networking, intrusion detection, security

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