Proceedings of the AAAI Workshop on Activity Context Representation: Techniques and Languages

Mobile, Collaborative, Context-Aware Systems

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We describe work on representing and using a rich notion of context that goes beyond current networking applications focusing mostly on location. Our context model includes location and surroundings, the presence of people and devices, inferred activities and the roles people fill in them. A key element of our work is the use of collaborative information sharing where devices share and integrate knowledge about their context. This introduces a requirement that users can set appropriate levels of privacy to protect the personal information being collected and the inferences that can be drawn from it. We use Semantic Web technologies to model context and to specify high-level, declarative policies specifying information sharing constraints. The policies involve attributes of the subject (i.e., information recipient), target (i.e., the information) and their dynamic context (e.g., are the parties co-present). We discuss our ongoing work on context representation and inference and present a model for protecting and controlling the sharing of private data in context-aware mobile applications.

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context, learning, mobile computing, mobile, privacy, semantic web, semantic


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